Tempra®: Frequently asked questions

Are there tactics that can help me with my child’s fear of immunization?

Although each child’s pain threshold is different, often the anxiety that is associated with the immunization process may increase pain felt.

Reassurance is key leading up to and after your child’s immunization:

  • Be calm and strong. You will likely be asked to hold your child tightly while the injection is given. This can certainly be difficult as a parent, but if you are able to stay calm and comfort your child through this process, your child will likely feed off your positive energy. By staying calm, you will likely help your child stay calm.
  • Help your child feel more comfortable by bringing along a favourite blanket or stuffed toy
  • Divert your child’s attention to something else. Pull out some stickers, read a book, or sing a song.
  • If your child is crying or fussy after getting the shot, you can relieve aches and pains by giving your child an over-the-counter (OTC) analgesic such as acetaminophen that is specifically formulated for infants or children (e.g. Infant Tempra® Drops, Regular Strength Children’s Tempra® Syrup 2–5 years and Double Strength Children’s Tempra® Syrup 4–11 years) or ibuprofen. The Canadian Paediatric Society does not recommend giving ibuprofen to babies under 6 months old without first talking to your physician.
  • Do not give your child any products that contain acetylsalicylic acid (ASA), also commonly referred to as aspirin, as ASA may cause a dangerous medical condition called Reye’s Syndrome
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